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Improve Economic Opportunities and Equity Through

The World's First Social Capital Building Platform 

Social capital is the value that can be acquired through relationships with individuals, organizations, and institutions. This form of capital is critical to the future economic success of young people in this country. Studies show that up to 80% of jobs are obtained through connections.  At Social Capital Builders (SCB), we are dedicated to educating young people and their families about social capital and giving them the tools to build it.   Here's how we can help:

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Why MyOH

The Web-App Designed to Build Equity and Access

Most large social networking sites do little to build social capital. They actually harm the social capital building process. Have you seen a young person post something that they may regret in the future? Have you seen a young person invest in getting “likes” at the expense of building quality relations with  gainfully employed family members, former teachers, coaches, and other sources of labor market information and career support? 
The opportunity cost of networking is lost social capital.  Social capital is about quality, not quantity. Social capital is compassion, assistance, reciprocity, trust and information. It helps to build self self-esteem and improve self image. Today social networking sites are producing too much anxiety, depression and isolation. It breaks young people down, it didn't build them up.

MyOH is where
social capital is built

Social capital connections are the number one way people get jobs, build careers, secure scholarships and scale businesses. Yet, social capital building is not formally taught or supported in schools or workforce programs. MyOH™  is the first social capital building platform that teaches young adults about the value of social capital while giving them the tool to build it with key industry professionals and supportive adults who can be a source of labor market information and career support.

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Get the training you need
to be a Social Capital Builder

In MyOH, training is the key to developing the competencies and confidence needed to build the right social capital connections. Each MyOH user is trained in our Foundations is Social Capital Literacy (FISCL)  program.  Our robust training platform ensures that young "Opportunity Seekers"  have the right skills to make sure that they are not on the outside of an industry looking for a way in. 

Connect with Familial, Developmental and Gateway Assets

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MyOH helps young people identify the familial  (gainfully employed family members and close family friends) and the developmental  (former teachers, mentors, coworkers, coaches) connections who already care about them and would willingly be of assistance in their career development journey but they just were never asked. 

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MyOH also helps young people build social capital with Gateway connections - key industry stakeholders who commit to help open up opportunities that have been regulated to the well connected few. 

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